Lingkar Komunitas Sawit (LINKS) is Non-governmental Organization (NGO) which runs social consulting services to support the multi-stakeholder efforts in creating an equal partnership and social sustainability management in the palm oil sector in Indonesia.

LINKS Activities:

  1. A role as a partner in supporting the realization of the equal partnership between smallholder and palm oil plantation company in Indonesia
  2. A role as a partner in supporting the realization of the sustainability social management in the palm oil sector in Indonesia.
  3. A role as a partner in building the communication and dialogue of social conflict resolution, as well as increasing the capacity to provide added values for the stakeholders in the palm oil sector in Indonesia.


Social research on the palm oil sector in Indonesia has been conducted by LINKS through Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Social Risk Scoping on Development of New Palm Oil Plantation and the other Thematic Social Researches.
Pendampingan Mitra and GIS developed by LINKS in The Facilitation of Social Conflict Settlement (Social Engagement Facility) and FPIC Fulfillment Assistance.
Education activities developed by LINKS through FPIC Basics and Negotiation of Conflict Resolution Training, and Workshop Visioning CSR.
Bakti sustainability is a service program where management and staff of LINKS will work without payment to train the independent smallholder group for carry out the organization visioning, Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and FPIC fulfillment.

Network and Contact

LINKS is a member of RSPO,  member of FORMISBI and HCV RIWG.

LINKS also supported by round of oil palm plantation practitioners, and several young innovative researchers.

For further information, please contact Feybe E.N Lumuru (Managing Director) on LINKS office at Jl. Sempur Kaler No. 111  Sempur District, Bogor – INDONESIA 16129, Telp/Faks: +62 251 - 8313265 or email to: with cc to: